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RIVALSA project

RIVALSA – An integrated approach for revegetation of coastal dunes altered by alien species - Un approccio integrato per la RIVegetazione di dune costiere ALterate da Specie Aliene (n. A0375-2020-36691)

Invasive alien species is one of the greatest threats of this century. RIVALSA project aims to counter the diffusion of alien Carpobrotus species by an integrated plant and fungal approach promoting the recovery of dune vegetation inhibited by the release of allelopatic substances into the soil. A fungal consortium will be selected to promote the degradation of inhibitory substances present in the soil and to ensure greater seeds germination and increased development and vitality of spontaneous plants. Validation of the methodological approach will provide a new product for the market ,and a methodological approach to be transferred to biostimulants producing companies. The project, of which I am the principal investigator, also involves Dr. Sara Magrini (Germoplasm Bank of the University of Tuscia), and Prof. Fabio Attorre and Dr. Giuseppe Fabrini (Department of Environmental Biology, University of Rome La Sapienza).

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